Mark Ravenhill In New Role At GLP

May 31, 2022

Mark Ravenhill of GLP

In a letter to the industry, Mark Ravenhill has announced his plans to step away from the day-to-day running of the US operation of GLP, and focus on helping to guide future strategy and ensure the ongoing success of the company on a global level, in a reduced role.

As stated in the letter: 

After more than 13 years with the GLP and having taken the North American subsidiary of the company from an idea on a piece of paper to where it is today, I have decided that it is time for a change.

Whilst I won’t be completely leaving GLP, I will be changing my role away from an operational one and into a strategic one. I will be stepping away from the day to day running of the US operation, and instead will focus on helping to guide future strategy and ensure the ongoing success of GLP on a global level, in a reduced role.

All of your other key contacts at GLP US remain unchanged and are there waiting to give you the same exceptional service and attention that they have always done.

Our operations director, Annalise Laundrup will be making sure that the building runs smoothly and will ensure that packages are shipped, stock is checked and everything is in order.

Our technical director, Carl Wake, will be fixing anything that gets broken, teaching others how to fix things, and helping out with any of your technical support questions and needs.

Our sales manager, David Barten, is the one to talk to for any estimates, pricing enquiries and product questions.

Our office manager, Christine Luhr, can help with any financial questions and is always happy to help receive any payments being made. She's also the best person to go to, if you are not sure who you need to talk to!

Our brand managers, David Park and William Irwin remain the go to people for Cosmic Truss and Scenex Lighting respectively, and any questions around those products.

Our marketing coordinator, Olivia Ravenhill, is there to help with any logos, free exhibition passes, swag and always love to hear about any shows and events that we can turn into press releases.

I want to thank each and every one of you for being part of making GLP US the success that it is and I look forward to seeing it, and you, continue to prosper.

As I say, I won't be going completely away and my email and cellphone remain, so you can always reach me there.

With warmest regards,

Mark Ravenhill

President, GLP US Inc.