Meet Our 2020 Award Winners!

February 5, 2020

The results are in! Awards season is an exciting time for many in the entertainment industry. From the Grammys to the Golden Globes, there's an abundance of award excitement — and USITT is no exception! All award winners will be formally recognized at USITT 2020 in Houston. We're less than two months away from all the action, so let's meet and share our congratulations with this year's award winners.

Interested in the work and stories of our 2020 award winners? We'll be sitting down with these talents one-on-one in Houston to discuss their wins, current work, and some other exciting things. We'll be sharing these stories through podcasts, social media, and in our newsletters, so keep an eye out!

Oscar G. Brockett Golden Pen Award

Oscar G. Brockett Golden Pen Award, sponsored by USITT and the Oscar G. Brockett Center for Theatre History and Criticism at the University of Texas - Austin, honors an outstanding publication in the field of design and production for the performing arts. The recipient of this award is the author of an outstanding, major, recent publication in the field of design and production for the performing arts.

Winner: Alexandra Bonds

Herbert D. Greggs Award

The Herbert D. Greggs Awards promote innovative, in-depth writing about theatre design and technology in TD&T.

Honor: Caitlyn Garrity

Merit: John Huntington

Merit: Sandra Goldmark

Distinguished Achievement Awards

The Distinguished Achievement Awards honor individuals who have established meritorious career records in specific fields of expertise in any area of design or technology in the performing arts or entertainment industry.

Sound Design and Technology: Deena Kaye

Digital Media: Elaine J. McCarthy

Costume Design and Technology: Jeffrey Lieder

Engineering: Jerry Gorrell

Scene Design and Technology: Kevin Rigdon

Lighting Design and Technology: Paule Constable

Education: Scott C. Parker

USITT Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award, sponsored by LDI/Live Design, is given annually to a young professional at the beginning of their career. The award recognizes excellence and artistic achievement in scenic, lighting, sound, projection design, or a convergence of these design disciplines.

Winner: Joe Klug

Young Designers, Managers, and Technicians Awards

The Awards for Young Designers, Managers, & Technicians in the Performing Arts, known throughout USITT as the YDMT Awards, bring recognition and support to young designers, managers, and technicians at the beginning of their careers. They are made possible by generous gifts to USITT from their sponsors.

The KM Fabrics, Inc. Technical Production Award: Dashiell Menard

Bernhard R. Works, Frederick A. Buerki Scenic Technology Award: Yaro Yarashevich

Zelma H. Weisfeld Costume Design & Technology Award: Brooke Nicole Kesler

USITT Award for Scene Design Sponsored by Rose Brand: Afsaneh Aayani

The Barbizon Lighting Company Jonathan Resnick Lighting Award: Jasmine Lesane

Robert E. Cohen Sound Achievement Award: Jeff Sherwood

Richard Hay Undergraduate Scene Design Award: Brett Sellitti

USITT Stage Management Award Sponsored by Clear-Comm Communication Systems: Yue Shi

The Barbara Matera Award in Costume Making Sponsored by Judy Adamson: William Young

The Master Craftsmanship Award Sponsored by Bernhard R. Works: William Young

USITT Student International Travel Award

These grants were established in 2003 to assist USITT student members with international travel for education and research in theatre-related fields. They fund projects that seek new knowledge through international travel to exhibitions, productions, and collections.

Winner: Cade Sikora

USITT Member International Travel Award

This grant was established in 2004 to provide USITT members with funding for international travel for advanced research and education in theatre-related fields.

Winner: Dan Ozminkowski


Winner: Susan Hilferty

Joel E. Rubin Founder's Award

Winners: Alexandra Bonds and Patricia MacKay

Thomas DeGaetani Award

The Thomas DeGaetani Award, named in honor of the first USITT president, honors an outstanding lifetime contribution to the performing arts or entertainment industry by an individual or a performing arts/entertainment-focused organization living and/or working in a particular region of the country, generally near the location of the Annual Conference & Stage Expo. Recipients of this award have distinguished themselves by their service or contribution in the arts or entertainment within that region.

Winner: Eileen Morris

Honorary Lifetime Membership Award

The Honorary Lifetime Membership Award is bestowed to a small but very distinguished group of individuals who have been recognized for providing a significant period of years of continuous and extraordinary service to the Institute.

Winner: William Byrnes

Wally Rusell Professional Mentoring Award

The Wally Russell Mentoring Award is presented by USITT in partnership with the Wally Russell Foundation to honor someone who embodies the guiding hand that Wally Russell provided to many young professionals.

Winner: Kathy Perkins

Architecture Awards

Sponsored by the USITT Architecture Commission, the Architecture Awards Program honors excellence in design and recognizes architects of theatre projects.


Bristol Old Vic; Bristol, UK

  • Architecture Firm: Haworth Tompkins
  • Theatre Consultant: Charcoalblue
  • Acoustical Consultant: Charcoalblue


The National Arts Centre Rejuvenation and Production Renewal; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  • Architecture Firm: Diamond Schmitt Architects
  • Theatre Consultant: Fisher Dachs Associates
  • Acoustical Consultant: Threshold Acoustics LLC.

Hancher; Iowa City, Iowa

  • Architecture Firm: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects
  • Theatre Consultant: Theatre Projects Consultants
  • Acoustical Consultant: Kirkegaard Associates