Myles Mangino Sets Stage for Runway 7 During New York Fashion Week with CHAUVET Professional

March 11, 2024

Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes,” wrote Karl Lagerfled. And what a universal language it is, spoken in unique, passionate, and colorful ways in every corner of the earth. This diversity, which endows fashion with an extraordinary power to build bridges across cultures was celebrated during New York Fashion Week at Runway 7, one of the renowned event’s premier attractions. Held at the iconic Sony Hall, Runway 7 was organized around a “Made In” theme that featured designs endemic to different regions of the world.  The work of a record 117 designers from 10 different nations were highlighted during the event’s four-day run.

From Anjali Phougat’s blend of Indian and Western styles, to Microteje’s Chilean streetwear, Runway 7 showcased a global array of inspiring stylings. Accenting the artistry of these creations was a Myles Mangino lighting design that featured 20 Ovation E-260WW warm white ellipsoidals. Supplied by ATD AV, the ellipsoidals were positioned primarily on each side of the runway. A smaller number of Ovation E-260WWs, generally between five and seven units, depending on the show, were arranged at the end of the runway.

Drawing on the smooth even field of light produced by the 230-watt fixture (it has the output of a 750W tungsten), and its smooth dimming curve, Mangino created a supportive lighting environment for the show. The fixtures' selectable Pulse Width Modulation helped ensure that his looks were camera-friendly for the much-videoed and photographed show.

“I prefer single chip COB warm white fixtures like this for runway shows,” said Mangino. “I like their high CRI and how they more closely emulate tungsten for warm natural skin tones, as well as the correct color rendering on the clothing.” The latter feature was particularly important on Runway 7, given the rainbow of hues in this global collection. The world is a colorful place, and that beautifully broad palette was on full display at Sony Hall during New York Fashion Week, all of it brilliantly supported by a talented designer and his rig.

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