New Member Nine: Michael Coney

October 28, 2020

New Member Nine Michael Coney Graphic

Help us welcome one of our newest members, technical director Michael Coney! Get to know Michael below.

1. Why did you become a member?
I became a member because I'm interested in the world of Immersive Theatre and the technical aspects of theatrical shows. It's nice to be surrounded by like-minded individuals and professionals and be able to learn at a place where they all gather.

2. How did you get your start in the industry?
I've always had a background in live performance whether it was live music, theatre, or television. After college I started working in Live TV and soon switched over to non-profit performing arts. Since then I've been working on boosting my skills in show control and IP based systems for live performance.

3. What's your most memorable industry experience so far?
Cross theater collaborations are always a joy because of the talent you get to meet and new members of your local community.

4. Why are you passionate about the live entertainment industry?
It's all about the story. Theatre creates an atmosphere and a world that allows you to play and simply enjoy yourself. When it comes to working technical aspects of shows, there will always be an endless fascination with pushing a button and something responding. Museums, science centers, playgrounds and games all have this, and I feel the same way behind a board or on a rig.

5. What's your favorite piece of equipment to work with?
Qlab + Macbook Pro = <3 Seriously, I know there are better specialized pieces but many shows and lights don't require Broadway level equipment and coordination so QLab can do it all. But from what I've heard it's good enough for them too.

6. What's your "artist's mission statement?"
To craft stories of connection and shared human experience through enchanted objects with the magic of new technology.

7. What advice do you live by?
"Research, Test, Repeat" & It's better done than perfect.

8. What inspires your work?
I'm inspired by magic, technology, a sense of wonder. I also love theme parks, museums and newer retail attractions. I like to think of them all as "applied theatrics" where theater breaks into the real world. Which we definitely need more of!

9. Who would you most like to connect with?
First I would like to meet those in show control, second would be everyone else

BONUS - Tell us your best tech week survival tip!
Really take your time to go through the script early in the week and get it all down on paper before jumping into programming. You don't want to waste valuable time with talent and staff on a technical problem. Then always mentally "check out" at least the night before, take time for yourself, remember you're just as much apart of the show as the cast!