New Member Nine: Rebecca Lenihan

April 2, 2024

New Member Nine Cole Trumble Graphic

Help us welcome one of our newest Professional Members, Rebecca Lenihan! Get to know Rebecca below.

1. Why did you become a member?

I joined as a way to connect with my fellow theatre professionals and find new opportunities to advance my own career. 


2. How did you get your start in the industry?

I stumbled my way into the amazing costume technology program at Southern Oregon University and from there went to an incredible internship at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. 


3. What's your most memorable industry experience so far?

There has been so much! Working in theatrical costuming is a dream come true. If I had to pick one experience that tops everything for me it would be the time I got to work on repairing/refreshing an actual 1890s gown. 


4. Why are you passionate about the live entertainment industry?

Stories are what help us grow as people and as a culture. An effectively told story can produce MAGIC.


5. What's your favorite piece of equipment to work with?

This is going to out me as the nerd I am, but the one piece of equipment I miss when I'm not working in a shop are the industrial irons. A good pressing can turn an ok garment into art and a home iron sometimes just doesn't cut it.


6. What's your "artist's mission statement?"

This is a tough one and I'm still trying to synthesize my ideas into something coherent. I participate in the collaborative art of theatre so that the audience comes away from a performance thoughtful about the state of the culture they live in.


8. What inspires your work?

I honestly just love clothes. Clothes can say so much about an individual, how they see the world they inhabit, their part in that world. A whole story can be told in one outfit. 


9. Who would you most like to connect with?

I'm mostly looking for professional connections and opportunities to propel my career forward and educational opportunities.