The New Stage Managers’ Association Foundation has been Launched

November 9, 2022

Article sourced from PLSN by Michael S. Eddy

On Oct. 24, 2022, at The Stage Managers’ Association 2022 Del Hughes Awards for Lifetime Achievement, Elynmarie Kazle (past chair of the SMA) announced the creation of a new organization – the Stage Managers’ Association Foundation. The SMA’s Del Hughes Awards were held at the National Opera Center’s Marc A. Scorca Hall in NYC.

The mission of the Stage Managers’ Association Foundation—a New York State-based charitable organization—is to support and promote the craft and art of stage management. It will achieve this by soliciting grants and accepting tax deductible donations for the purpose of funding education, training, and scholarships that enhance and develop stage management skills.

The creation of the Foundation was made possible through the efforts of current Foundation Board members Patreshettarlini Adams, John Atherlay, Robert Sutherland-Cohen, Rich Costabile, Nikki Hyde, Bill Hare, Marjorie Horne, Elynmarie Kazle, Amy Pell, and Patricia Sutherland-Cohen, along with the SMA’s Advisory Board members: Matt DiCarlo, Joseph Drummond, and Arturo Porazzi.

Stage Managers’ Association and its members, as well as non-members, may present proposals for projects and public events, to be funded by the Foundation, that are designed to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of the skills of stage managers and their crucial role in the arts and entertainment industries.

Ms. Kazle, who currently serves as the new Foundation’s President, added that the first applications for small grants would be accepted starting November 1, with a final submission date of December 15. The announcement of the first grants to be awarded is planned for January 15, 2023.

To learn more about or to contribute to the Stage Managers’ Association Foundation, click here.