NEXT Audiogroup Announced the New LAm114xA PLUS Stage Monitor

February 7, 2024

NEXT Audiogroup announced the new LAm114xA PLUS stage monitor, a Plus Edition of the company’s LAm114xA. The PLUS model keeps the same design and measurements as the original but features a new DSP and amplifier module and Ethernet controlled via Software X-NET.

More details from NEXT Audiogroup 

To fulfill all the artist´s performance needs the LAm114xA aimed to provide the musicians a perfect listening in the most demanding situations. The LAm114xA stage monitor incorporates an advanced coaxial 14” B&C custom-made speaker and a high-performance DPA amplifier module, capable of generating 1,650W (1,150W + 500W) for a very high acoustic pressure.

The design combines the voice reproduction clarity associated with 12” drivers with the bass extension typically of 15” speakers. The high-frequency reproduction is handled by a 2-inch exit, 3-inch voice coil, HF neodymium driver for the critical voice frequency range. The cabinet’s small footprint and low weight, combined with the absolutely linear and extended response at very high-pressure levels, makes the LAm114xA PLUS well suited to both small and large venue use.

Onboard, advanced, powerful 96kHz/40bit SHARC DSP engine, monitored by a built-in LCD screen with a preset loading encoder, can be remotely monitored and controlled through ethernet by a PC using X-NET Software. The full-featured X-NET Software automatically identifies each device and allows simultaneous control of multiple devices through a grouping facility. Everything you need to fine-tune the sound of your system is right there.

The heart of the LAm114xA, is 2-Channel UMAC Class D – Full Bandwidth PWM Modulator that has Ultra-Low Distortion releasing 1150W for LF section and 500W for HF section. Integrated universal mains power supply with PFC provides consistency and optimum performance, that offers both sonic punch, and balanced sound as well as a rich and transparent sound at any level.