Ofir Ben-Haim Sets Immersive Mood for HASC 37 Performance with Chauvet Professional

March 8, 2024

It is always a time for music, but this is never truer than it is during periods of turmoil that weigh on the heart and soul. That’s why this year’s “Time For Music” concert supporting the 37th annual Camp HASC for Jewish youth was especially meaningful.

HASC 37 Performance

Held at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, the concert uplifted spirits with its stirring performances. Supporting the artists on stage and engaging the audience was a deeply evocative lighting design by Ofir Ben-Haim that featured 34 Chauvet Professional COLORado PXL Curve 12 motorized battens supplied by Dynamic Vision.

Ben-Haim positioned fully pixel-mappable RGBW fixtures around the main video screen. His goal was to “create a dynamic and immersive experience” for the audience by illuminating the artists and the stage from different angles and flanking them with bold displays to accentuate the mood and tone of their performance.

“I was inspired by the fixture’s pixel mapping, as well as its ability to create seamless symmetry and intense volumetric looks,” he explained. “I saw the fixture in videos promoting it on social media and I had no doubt that it would be the perfect choice for the show. It was very exciting to see the fixtures for the first time in the show.”

HASC 37 Performance

The actual experience of using the fixtures lived up to Ben-Haim’s expectations. “I believe they contributed significantly to the overall success of the performance,” he said of the PXL Curve 12. “I used the fixture's bright and concentrated beam to create a stunning 3D effect on stage. By dividing the stage into segments, I was able to create a unique and immersive experience for the audience.”

Working with technical producers from Dynamic Vision and video content made from Visualive (Shmulik Ben Harush and Chaim Vaknin), Ben-Haim created a seamless flow of engaging looks. Hanging his COLORado PXL Curve 12 units vertically in four rows on either side of the main video wall and keeping the center-stage area relatively free of other lighting fixtures, he created a visual funnel, that drew the audience’s eyes into the performance.

Building on the immersive vibe of his design, Ben-Haim went with a color palette that engendered classic, warm looks on stage. However, at the same time, he also wanted to retain an element of surprise, so he introduced cooler temperatures at different points during the show.

Explaining the vision behind his color changes, Ben-Haim said: “I wanted to create a dynamic look for people.” That he did, reminding all that, just as is true of music, any time is a good time for beautiful light.

HASC 37 Performance