OISTAT Offers Free Online Roundtables for Students

May 15, 2020

Attention students! A reminder that if you are a member of USITT, you are also a member of OISTAT. OISTAT has been working actively to develop best practices in online theatre production training & education, and wants to include you in the process.

The Chair of OISTAT's Education Commission, William Kenyon, will be holding two free roundtables on May 18 & 21/22 (depending on yout time zone), and you're invited to come and participate in the discussions with students from theatre programs worldwide. Both sessions will cover the same agenda, but are being offered at different times to accommodate all time zones around the world.

The discussion will consist of the successes and challenges of learning theatre online! OISTAT knows that most programs are finished for the Spring, and now that everyone has a chance to reflect on the experience, they want to capture what works and what doesn’t as they plan for the future. It is entirely possible that there may be more online learning & online productions in our future, so please join in the discussions so that OISTAT can develop some international best practices to guide theatre educators everywhere.

Other key discussion points will include:

  •     What aspects of online learning were successful for you, and what just didn’t work?
  •     What barriers to success did you experience with online learning? (Net access? Quiet place to work? Access to materials? Proper Equipment?)
  •     What topics would you like to study online and what topics do you want to wait on until they can be taught in person?
  •     Other issues that you want to address - we are trying to understand what your experience has been.

Click here for more information and to register for these free roundtables.