Pandemic Born Company Gives Entertainment Industry Free Training

January 19, 2021

DeLong Rigging Solutions (DRS) is pleased to announce that their One Shot Training has completed its beta phase of testing and has released it to the general public.

DeLong Rigging Solutions was created when Tyler DeLong, like many other individuals in the entertainment industry found himself suddenly without employment in the spring of 2020 due to Covid-19. Through his searches for the next project, he had the realization that there was a need in the entertainment industry for qualified and experienced rigging experts to inspect rigging systems and advise on best practices. Tyler then recruited his father, John DeLong as a partner and DeLong Rigging Solutions was born.

Together they believe that quality training is a primary building block to rigging safety.  They feel there is a lack of easily accessible, trustworthy training resources out there.  In response to this, DRS has developed a series of free training videos. This training option, called “One Shot Training” is a series of short (3 to 20 minute) video overviews on a wide range of rigging topics. It is important to remember that One-Shot Training is not intended to be a series of masterclasses and does not replace in-person qualified training.  These are to be brief overviews designed to point people in the right direction who otherwise wouldn’t be able to get any training.

Tyler DeLong firmly believes that, “Many rigging accidents could be avoided if people were properly trained.  Many people are not experts, yet have the need to run a fly-rail, teach, or rehearse in a space with a theatrical fly system.  They need enough knowledge to know when conditions are not what they should be and recognize when it’s time to seek guidance or assistance. One Shot Training can be a first step toward the ability to do this.”

The Beta users have this to say about the program:

“It covers what I'd want a competent person to have on hand for working in Theatre or Arena rigging. And I mean "on hand" because if they didn’t know something these videos could be an excellent resource to literally take 5 minutes on their phone and be up to speed!” – Sean Dumm, University of Minnesota Duluth Department of Theatre Assistant Tech Director

“I think it is outstanding work.  You are really filling a niche with this project.” – Ted Kraus, University of Arizona School of Theatre, Film, & Television Technical Director

“DRS’s One Shot Training videos are great resources for aspiring stagehands and seasoned veterans looking to refresh their memories. The recommended best practices of rigging are well explained and demonstrated by the DRS team.” - Seamus M. Bourne, Production Manager - Actor’s Express (Atlanta, GA) & Assistant Professor of Stagecraft - Kennesaw State University

“The One Shot Training Videos are great supplemental resources when discussing the "how to's" of common entertainment rigging.” – Dana Taylor,

DeLong Rigging Solutions is excited about their One Shot Training program and is confident that it will become an invaluable resource for educators and industry professionals alike. You can find it, here.