PLSN 2020 Virtual Show Report

May 15, 2020

Despite USITT 2020 being canceled, PLSN decided to make lemons into lemonade and created this Virtual Show Report a compilation of all the new products you would have seen at USITT and will see at future shows.

Here is an excerpt from author Nook Schoenfeld:

"In late February, I wrote of the dilemma choosing between the big Prolight + Sound show in Frankfurt and the smaller USITT show in Houston, both scheduled on and around April Fool’s Day this year (see Editor’s Note, March 2020). Little did I know that in a matter of weeks, the plane tickets and hotel rooms purchased for either event would suddenly be worth less than toilet paper. The best-laid plans of so many were tossed aside along with the “Official Unveiling” plans for many products. Rather than mope about the current situation, it gave PLSN the time to reach out to so many friends. In doing so, we gathered a brief summary of info on products that you would have seen, had the shows opened as planned, and will see when the shows reboot for another go in the future."

Click here to read the article and take a look at the many new products that have recently launched!