President Carolyn Satter Recaps February Board Meeting

March 3, 2023

Recap of Board meeting
Feb. 15, 2023

Shelly Gardenier, who led the Board’s August 2022 retreat on governance returns to the Board in March, to present an educational and interactional discussion on Board strategic thinking and planning process.  

The Audit Committee reported that a request for proposal has been distributed to solicit accounting firms to perform the required annual audit.

The Board is looking into options to Robert’s Rules of Order when conducting business and a working group was charged with finding options.  Martha's Rules of Conduct was presented and discussed at length.  After the Board discussion, the current report will be edited and a motion will be provided to advance the topic.  Of particular interest is the section on ‘consensus check’ - while it may lengthen the discussion it does provide a basis for all voices to be heard before going forward.  Martha's Rules will be revisited at the March agenda.

The update to the Mission and Vision Statements will be on the May agenda.

March Board meeting will be held in person in St. Louis at America’s Center. The Wednesday business meeting is open to any current member who wishes to observe. Please check the Conference App for time and location. 


Carolyn Satter, president