Qlab Releases Update 5.3

November 15, 2023

Qlab 5.3 has been released, and with it come new features and fixes! See below for a short summary of the update, or visit Qlab's site HERE for more details!

Audio Level Up

The underpinnings of Qlab's audio engine have been updated to provide a solid speed boost, which you'll be able to notice in the form of more simultaneous cues and better performance with high sample rates. You can now precisely define the number of cue outputs for each audio patch, making it super versatile for different audio setups – large or small. Each audio output patch can also now route to as many as 128 channels of the destination audio device. Size up for bigger shows, or size down and save on processing power.

They have also improved their audio playback performance. Users can Enjoy smoother playback during editing.

The waveform view in the Time & Loops tab of the inspector can now optionally display a specific channel of audio, rather than the sum of all channels. You can adjust which channel is displayed by using the waveform view’s contextual menu (right-click or control-click).


Video Power Up

The Workspace Status window gives you access to new video metrics to help you pinpoint bottlenecks and get the most out of your Mac. Shutter Video Effects now support both feathering and elliptical shutters. There is also a new video effect: Drop Shadow. The Workspace Status window now includes a new tab, Video Metrics, which displays live frame rate and render time information for each video stage and video output device!


Show Control Broadcast

QLab can now optionally broadcast show events via MSC and OSC messages, making it easier for other systems to follow your workspace in performance.


Lots and Lots of Polish

They've made tons of small improvements across the board: better NDI defaults, improvements to keyboard navigation and focus, additions to the OSC dictionary, improvements to the warnings system, new light instrument definitions, new network devices, improvements to collaboration, and a whole lot of big fixes. 


All the details can be found here!