#Rigsafe Day 2022: Are You Rigging Safely?

April 29, 2022

Today is Arbor Day, but in the technical theatre industry, it's #Rigsafe day! 

While Arbor Day is typically a holiday focused on planting trees to celebrate their importance, an “arbor” in the technical theatre world is a rack that contains weights used to balance a load in a counterweight rigging system. We recognize Arbor Day as a day to celebrate rigging safety and training for everyone in our industry. Use Arbor Day to thank a rigger, celebrate safe practices, or to promote a renewed commitment to safety.

For #Rigsafe day 2022, we're sharing some helpful tips from Wenger Corporation Product Manager Patrick Finn and Athena Theatrical's Bridget Solini throughout the day. Click this link to see our playlist of rigging safety videos. We encourage you to share these helpful hints with others in the industry to ensure everyone is rigging safely today and every day. Take a sneak peek below at one of the many rigging safety videos we will be posting today!

Our Rigging Safety Initiative, sponsored by H&H Specialties, ETC, and Wenger/JR Clancy, provides funding for inspections and trainings for secondary schools. Monies raised supports these inspections and trainings at schools across the country. The bigger the fund, the more schools we can support. We appreciate all our Rigging Safety donors and hope you will take a moment to become one. To donate, click here.