Sanitation Planning for Venues, Churches, and Performance Spaces Post-Webinar Resources

May 15, 2020

On Wednesday, as part of our Forum @ Four webinar series, industry experts discussed Sanitation Planning for Venues, Churches,, and Performance Spaces.

The session outlined practices that can take place to create a safe and sanitized environment during the shut down of performance spaces, venues, and churches. Attendees left the webinar with a modifiable checklist for their own space's cleaning and setting up future processes to maintain safety in the "New Normal."

Panelists Patrick Hart, Executive Director @NACFM, Brian Huneycutt, Commissioner USITT Safety & Health, and Nathan Parr, Facility Specialist at Smart Church Solutions have provided a list of helpful resources that coincide with the information discussed in the session.

Click here to view these links as well as some important information our panelists wanted to share post-webinar.

These resources are important now more than ever. We encourage you to take the time to look them over and find new ways to impliment safety and sanitation in your venues upon your eventual return.