See the 2020 Hemsley Lighting Program Portfolio Review Participants

May 8, 2020

In accordance with current NYC regulations and for the safety and well-being of all participants, the 2020 Hemsley Portfolio Review was canceled. The following is a list of all the students who would have participated in this year’s event. The Hemsley Lighting Program hopes you will enjoy checking out the websites of these talented young designers. We look forward to welcoming them into our professional community in the near future.

2020 Hemsley Lighting Program Portfolio Review Participants

Evan Anderson

Justin Beets

Nikki Belenski

Rachael Blackwell

Evan Carlson

Bailey Costa

Mextly Couzin

Chris D’Angelo

Emma Deane

Matthew Deinhart

Tyler Dubuc

Christine Ferriter

Jackie Fox

Lauren Gallup

Naomi Gold

Hamilton Guillén

Chun-Yen Huang

Adam Jezl-Sikorski

Winston Limauge

Omar Madkour

Chazz Malott

John Mitchell

Allison Newcombe

Carlos Nine

Avery Reagan

Ethan Saiewitz

Austin Shirley

Sydney Smith

Gabrielle Strong

Kendra Wiley

Allison Zerio

Kat C. Zhou