Support a Member: Take the Art of Inclusion Survey

May 27, 2021

Now that you've completed the Entertainment & Design Technology Workforce Demographics Survey, we'd like you to explore this offering from a long-time member of USITT. 

In our ongoing commitment to our membership, we are supporting a member’s academic research while deepening our own dedication to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Please take five minutes to complete the Art of Inclusion: Making the Invisible Visible, an Arts and Cultural Workforce Survey now until June 28!

There have been years of discussions in the Arts and Cultural Workforce regarding the persistent devaluation of voices from members of the Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) cultural communities. There have been climate studies and surveys regarding discriminative practices over many years and still they tenaciously exist. In order to define progress made, this survey seeks to use data to shine a light on inequities the Arts and Cultural Workforce are experiencing and through research, develop tools and resources to advance equity and accountability at the personal and system levels, continuous data from the field is required.

By completing the survey, you are helping the industry establish a baseline from which the Arts and Cultural Workforce can measure progress and growth in our efforts over time.

To learn more about this survey and to participate, click here.