TECHnically Speaking Episode 2: Sarah Lozoff and Intimacy Direction Cont.

January 22, 2020

Welcome to Technically Speaking, the official podcast of The United States Institute for Theatre Technology where we discuss the stories and work of our members as well as industry topics and happenings. I’m your host, Jenn, USITT’s Content Specialist and in this episode, we’re joined again by Sarah Lozoff, a certified intimacy director, movement director, choreographer, Gyrotonic trainer, ballet instructor, and the education coordinator for Intimacy Directors International. She holds the distinct honor of being the first intimacy director for the nationally renowned Oregon Shakespeare Festival. In the second and final episode of Sarah’s interview, we discuss her work with USITT’s Equity Diversity & Inclusion Committee, intimacy direction vs fight direction, how to start a conversation with your director regarding the importance of intimacy directors in the theatre, her work as a choreographer and birth doula, and more.

Read this New York Times article on the rise of intimacy directors in studios in theatres and how their work is making scenes not only safer but sexier.

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