TECHnically Speaking: USITT22 Series with Caitlyn Garrity

July 8, 2022

This podcast was recorded on the show floor of USITT22 at Studio USITT in partnership with AKG by Harman.

In this week’s episode, we sat down with the creator of the upcoming USITT curated conversations web series, "Success Stories," Caitlyn Garrity.

USITT is launching the curated conversation web series “Success Stories”, to begin in July. By focusing on theatre operation success stories, this series will uplift our fellow artists, and focus on a logical presentation of how they achieved their success. Not just what worked, but what didn’t as well. By seeing the process that these organizations have gone through will inspire, motivate, and guide others. This series will have a monthly focus on a theatre operation topic, and will include a speaker(s) to share how their organization achieved their goal.

To learn more about the web series, click here.

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