TPR Commission Calls for USITT23 Submissions

October 20, 2022

The Technical Production Commission of USITT is calling for submissions to the “Small Motor Effects” session to be held at the 2023 National Conference in St. Louis.

The Commission is seeking examples of special effects for theatre, which use small electric motors—AC, DC, servo or stepper of 200 watts (1/4 HP) or less. Submissions should be realized devices from any theatrical discipline: scenic, properties, costumes, lighting or sound.

Presentation at the conference may be the actual device (preferred), or a PowerPoint with photographs, drawings, and videos. YouTube submissions will also be considered.

Submissions should include:

  • The show for which the device was created.
    • What effect did the design team request?
    • How did you meet the challenge?
  • How or why the motor was selected (it was in a dumpster, I had it already, I saw it in the Grainger catalog, etc.).
  • How the motor was controlled (on/off, PLC, microprocessor, etc.).

This is not a contest but rather a colloquium to demonstrate your technical creativity and spark similar creativity among your peers.

Questions regarding submissions, criteria, or developing the presentation may be sent to Ed Weingart and/or Loren Schreiber.

Submission deadline is Friday, Jan. 20, 2023.