The University of Arizona's School of Theatre Has Launched UArizona Virtual Theatre Labs

May 4, 2020

The University of Arizona's School of Theatre, Film & Television has launched UArizona Virtual Theatre Labs, an innovative new online program designed to inspire high school students and help them grow as artists. The series, covering a range of theatre-related topics, provides an opportunity for high schoolers to engage virtually with faculty members from the School's Acting & Musical Theatre and Design & Technical Production divisions.

Taking place April 30 - May 11 via closed zoom meetings, the Labs will cover topics including dance, scenic design processes, costume design and technology, career options, dialects, vocal health, technical direction overview, and sound design workshops. The one-hour Labs are free for high school students across Tucson.

Assistant Professor of Scenic Design and 2020 USITT Rising Star Award winner Joe Klug was a driving force in the development of the Virtual Theatre Labs. "As faculty, we knew the stay-at-home order was affecting more than just our University students, and wanted to make a difference," said Joe. "We had spent time migrating our University Classes online, and it made us realize that we could do something similar with some of the workshops that we teach at conferences around the country. The goal was to connect with as many students as possible, and provide a unique opportunity for them to learn, discover, and grow as artists. Kicking off the Labs yesterday was absolutely amazing. They were filled with eager young professionals, excited to learn, explore, and ask questions. Hopefully this is a program that we can continue to grow and implement in the future."

The fully subscribed UArizona Virtual Theatre Lab schedule is as follows.

Scenic Design Journey: Process Overview | April 30 | 1pm

Taught by Joe C. Klug, Assistant Professor of Scenic Design

In this workshop students will take an in-depth look at the scenic design process from start to finish. They will get to look at examples of professional materials and the various tools and materials scenic designers use to communicate the design choices of a production.

We Got the Beat -- Musical Theatre Dance | April 30 | 2pm

Taught by Christie Kerr, Assistant Professor - Musical Theatre

Are you ready to dance? We'll start with a quick warm-up, then learn choreography from the Broadway musical. This is a fun musical theatre dance workshop for all levels. Wear comfortable clothes and be ready to work and have fun!

Speaking Like a Brit | May 1 | 1pm

Taught by David Morden, Associate Professor - Voice and Movement

A one-hour class learning the British dialect. We will talk about the differences between American and British English and then map out how to take on the Standard British dialect - for a role or just for fun!

Overview of TD Process | May 4 | 10am

Taught by Ted Kraus, Associate Professor of Technical Direction

This Lab covers the path scenic design takes from the designer's drawings to the stage, and covers bidding materials, creating schedules, and an overview of the technical design process.

Costuming as a Career | May 5 | 1pm

Taught by Rick Tuckett, Associate Professor of Costume Technology

Making costumes isn't just a hobby for Halloween or Cosplay. Learn about career opportunities designing and making costumes for live performance, film, television, theme parks, and other areas of the entertainment industry.

Musical Theatre Sound Design | May 6 | 1pm

Taught by Matt Marcus, Instructor of Sound Design

Simple (mostly) non-technical strategies for achieving better sound for your musical theatre productions.

QLab Demystified | May 7 | 1pm (1.5 Hours)

Taught by Matt Marcus, Instructor of Sound Design

A walk through QLab theatre sound playback software. Basics of the interface, and common programming practices.

Scene Shop Structure | May 8 | 10am

Taught by Ted Kraus, Associate Professor of Technical Direction.

This Lab covers the shop structure in a typical production shop, and review some typical construction drawings.

Sing with Dr. Smokovich | May 11 | 10am

Taught by Dr. Emily Smokovich, Assistant Professor of Voice

Dr. Smokovich will demonstrate and discuss vocal health tips and multi-functional vocal warm-ups to help students optimize their practicing and performance.