Update v2.33 for the Infinity Chimp DMX console

May 8, 2024

Infinity has announced firmware v2.33 for the Chimp DMX console. The latest version brings improvements and a few bug fixes to ensure smoother operation and optimal performance.

Notable among the updates in firmware v2.33 for the Infinity Chimp DMX console is the expanded USB MIDI support. Chimp consoles with the latest firmware will automatically use all connected USB MIDI devices and support MIDI Notes, Control Changes and Program Changes. In addition, the new firmware introduces GoTo functions to the Executor buttons and the Playback Fader buttons.

With firmware v2.33, the Chimp allows users to trigger commands in the release time of a cuelist, configure the number block ++ and -- values, and personalise the Fade, Size and Speed Masters with custom names.

Unused features such as the Cue Only push button in the Select Cue Dialog have been remedied and the Library Editor now opens in the correct Tab. Several other changes have been made to improve the console's usability. All improvements are listed in the release notes. Infinity recommends that all Chimp owners update to this release.