USITT Joins in Support for Nataki Garrett

December 2, 2022

Photo Courtesy of Oregon Shakespeare Festival/Bill Geenen

The United States Institute for Theatre Technology joins our colleagues at The Dramatists Guild, Shakespeare Theatre Association, and Theatre Communications Group to stand with Nataki Garrett and condemn in every possible way the unconscionable harassment and death threats that she has received as Artistic Director of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

USITT acknowledges the inequitable structures established by the dominant culture, and the industry’s conscious or unconscious participation in these unjust systems, and commits to the ongoing struggle to create equitable spaces, to embrace diverse experiences, and to uplift and encourage multiple perspectives.

Nataki’s leadership of one of the country’s most influential theatres is creating those new structures, rewriting the unjust systems, and providing the space for artists and audience members to embrace diversity and uplift different perspectives. Having navigated the theatre through a pandemic and a series of wildfires, while continuing to produce high quality art that is important, relevant, and accessible, Nataki is an industry leader whose work should be celebrated and whose efforts should be praised. We offer our full support to Nataki and the work that she is doing for OSF and the entire theatre community.

Click this link to read the statement from TCG and learn how you can support Nataki and the OSF community.