USITT Upstate NY Regional Section Call for Nominations

May 7, 2021

The Nominations Committee of Upstate NY USITT is calling for nominations for the positions of Chair, VC of membership, VC of communication, and VC of Programming (1 of 2 positions). Nominations should be sent to any one of the four members of the Nominations Committee listed below.


Johnnie Ferrell

Tom Grabowski  

Todd Proffitt  

Trish Ralph, Chair

According to the By-Laws, the Nominating Committee shall develop a slate that consists of at least one candidate for each officer vacancy and the possibility for a write in slot. The Committee will strive to nominate two candidates for each position whenever possible.
Nominees must give approval in order to have their names placed in nomination. At that time, nominees will indicate willingness and ability to meet obligations of the office/position as defined. Each position will serve a two year term that starts on July 1, 2021 and ends on June 30, 2023
The requirement of Chair as defined in our bylaws, Article III -Section 3. CHAIR.  

  • The Chair shall preside at meetings and shall take general charge of the activities of the Section. 
  • Chair shall be responsible for periodic reports to the Board of Directors of USITT as stipulated in USITT bylaws.

 The requirements of VC of Programming (1 vacancy), VC of membership, and VC of communication, as defined by our standing rules are:

Vice-Chair for Programming- This position will include 2 people that will be elected in opposite years as outlined below. They will be responsible for planning our Fall Meeting, Winter Meeting and Jobs fair, and any other meeting that may happen during the fiscal year. The Vice Chair for programming shall perform other such duties as may be assigned by the by-laws and/or the Chair.

Vice-Chair for Membership - shall be responsible for membership services and membership campaigns. The Vice Chair for membership shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the by-laws and/or the Chair. 

Vice Chair for Communication – Shall be responsible for the distribution of information to section members, via contemporary media and distribution practices.

How to nominate

  • You may self-nominate or nominate others.
  • Nominations should be sent to any one of the four members of the Nominations Committee listed above.
  • Nominees will be asked to provide a brief bio and short statement as to why they are qualified for the position.


  • Nominations will be accepted until May 11, 2021

Other key dates

  • acceptance of nomination by end of business May 11, 2021
  • electronic ballots (sent individually to all members and not thru listserv) go out on May 12, 2021
  • voting closes on May 18, 2021
  • nominating committee notified on May 19, 2021
  • memberships will be informed on May 20, 2021