USITT24 Sessions & Labs Sneak Preview

October 18, 2023

As we continue to prep for USITT24, our schedule is filling up with sessions and labs! Check out the list below for a sneak preview at some of the exciting learning opportunities that are waiting for you in Seattle.

Below is a small selection of what you'll experience when you register for USITT24. Attending USITT24 as an East coaster? We know that traveling back to your neck of the woods will take all day and we don't want you to miss an entire day of the Conference. That's why for the first time we are scheduling great content and session up until 5 p.m. on Saturday! Check back in later for a complete list of our offerings.

Sessions:A USITT attendee works on a soldering project

  • Architectural Tour of Seattle Area Theaters
  • Designing Accessible Technical Systems
  • The Use of Artificial Intelligence, AR, and VR in the Design Process of Venues
  • Translating Theatre Costuming Experience into Film and TV
  • Costuming the Plus Size Body
  • Applying Culturally Responsive Teaching in Education and at Work
  • 16 Hour Days Suck
  • Robotics, AI, and the Future of Theatre
  • Designing Lights for All: How to Make Sure Designs Are Accessible for Differently Able Persons
  • You Got the Plot, Now What? The Head Electrician Process
  • Projections on a Shoestring
  • Incorporating the Third Dimension into Video Design
  • Sustainability and Burnout from the Institutional and Personal Perspective
  • Changing the Culture Toward Well-Being Backstage
  • Climate Change and its Impact on Entertainment Worker Safety & Health
  • Props for Non-Prop People: Communicating Effectively with the Prop Shop
  • Using AI Design Tools in Your Design Process
  • Scenic Materials for Theme Parks and Other Permanent Installation
  • Prioritizing Mindfulness and Wellness in Technical Theatre
  • Experiencia Latinoamericana y Migrante de dos Directores TÉcnicos (Latin American and Migrant Experience of two Technical Directors)

New 2024 Labs:

  • Technical Production Lab featuring Automation
  • Soldering Lab

USITT attendees work together for a rigging labReturning Labs:

  • Costume Design and Technology Lab
  • Hair and Makeup Design & Technology Lab
  • Digital Media Design & Technology Lab
  • Sound Design & Technology Lab
  • Lighting Design & Technology Lab
  • Scenic Paint Lab
  • Scenic Props Lab