​​​​​​USITT's Director of Finance and Human Resources to Retire After 23 Years of Service

July 15, 2021

The name Carol Carrigan has been synonymous with USITT's finance department for more than two decades. After Carol was hired as the director of finance and human resources in 1998, she became an integral piece in making USITT the organization it is today. Following 23 years of service, Carol has announced she will be retiring in October 2021.

"I met Carol on the evening I did my first in-person interview to be the executive director,” remembers David Grindle. "From that moment forward she has been my colleague, partner, and confidante in leadership. Her service to USITT has been part of what has helped the Institute grow and be successful and I am forever grateful to her for all she has done."

Carol was no stranger to the non-profit world prior to joining the Institute’s National Office staff. Before coming on board, Carol spent a decade working for a non-profit membership organization in South Carolina. When she made the move to Central New York, she knew she wanted to continue her work for a non-profit and felt USITT was the "perfect fit."

"The dedicated and passionate volunteers — especially Institute Treasurers Christine Kaiser, Larry Hill, Travis DeCastro, Dan Culhane, and Kim Scott — are who compelled me to give so many years of service to the Institute along with William Byrnes, CPA’s James Bandoblu and Jamie Frank, Executive Director David Grindle, and many staff members," Carol said.

The hustle and bustle of the Annual Conference & Stage Expo is at the top of the list of things Carol has enjoyed most about her time at USITT. Each year, Carol and her finance department team would run the gamut of several on-site Conference events and details including guest hotel accommodations, the Conference Store, Conference catering details, and financial oversight of the Stage Expo re-book process. "I enjoyed that we would work together as a team to provide the best service to members and guests."

Carol's favorite past Conference? Long Beach, CA. Why? "Because it's beautiful and sunny!"

Though her excitement for retirement grows, she says there's much to be missed when it comes to USITT. "I will miss the amazing work of the finance department including Office Administrator Lea Ann Quimby and Finance Assistant Tyler Lavonas, all the truly remarkable National Office staff, and the many years of support from the Finance Committee and the Board of Directors."

When Carol's inevitable retirement day rolls around this fall, she'll be sad to go, but does have a few plans up her sleeve. "You can find me catching up on all the hugs I missed this past year and enjoying new adventures with my three retired siblings."

"Carol has been the financial director for the Institute during a critical time of maturation, that has included staffing, program, and resource expansion," said USITT Past President and Fellow Mark Shanda. "Her deft guidance, supported by a thorough understanding of financial polices linked to a creative problem-solving attitude, made Carol a great partner during my Presidency, enabling significant advancement. As Executive Director Grindle would frequently say as we would brainstorm on a new program or initiative: 'If Carol is happy with this plan, then I am happy with this plan.' She has been a great colleague and remains a most trusted friend. Thank you, Carol, for your outstanding service to all involved and enjoy the next chapter in your life."