USITT's Technical Production Commission Creates "Quick Read" COVID-19 Guides

August 7, 2020

USITT's Technical Production Commission has released a set of quick-read sheets to help people use the best guidance offered by professionals while dealing with the coronavirus. A team of professionals from all aspects of theatre have read through the multiple federal, state, and association guidelines to find the items most pertinent to our field and assembled them in easy-to-read document pages.

These pages were reviewed by a second team of professionals from across the industry to confirm that they were accurate. After this double review, these documents were deemed ready for release.

“Projects like this from Tech Production get to the core of our mission as stated by our founders, combining the results of research in our field and sharing those results. It is exciting to see the Institute serve the industry in this way,” said USITT Executive Director David Grindle.

This work by these dedicated volunteers allows USITT to help distill large amounts of data for quick use by the industry. We owe a huge debt of thanks to the more than 30 people who have given their time to make a useful resource for the public.

All items listed in these documents come with references to the scientific research that supports them.

“I’m extremely proud of and grateful for the hard work of my colleagues," Technical Production Commissioner Rich Dionne noted. "They have spent many hours poring over documents from the CDC, OSHA, IATSE, Event Safety Alliance, SAG/AFTRA, and many others, working to distill the guidance these offer into annotated ‘quick read’ guides. It is our hope that these can prove helpful as our industry continues to learn how to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.”

These projects and all institute work are possible due to the time offered by members and the financial support of membership and donors.

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COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines: Audience Etiquette

COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines: Control Booths

COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines: Delivery Protocols

COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines: Dressing Room and Green Room Mitigation

COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines: Group Work and Meetings

COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines: Load-Ins & Load-Outs, Truck Loading & General Large Call Events

COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines: Personal Responsibility

COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines: Restrooms

COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines: Working at Height, In Grids, and Fly-Rail Operations