Visual Productions and ACT Entertainment Join Forces in the US

May 25, 2023

Visual Productions (VP) announces that it has entered into a new distribution agreement with ACT Entertainment in the US.

Visual Productions, the Dutch lighting control system manufacturer, has developed a modular range of DMX and DALI light controllers that speak the language of system integrators. Products such as CueCore, B-Station and TimeCore are quickly becoming the preferred choice in architainment, hospitality, themed environments, and other fixed installations.

ACT Entertainment is a leading distributor of lighting and audio solutions. ACT is known for carrying market-leading brands in the entertainment industry and is recognized -- even outside the US -- for their deep product knowledge and customer support.

Maarten Engels, managing director of Visual Productions, explains the collaboration. "The rationale for joining forces with ACT Entertainment is really a story of synergy: On the one hand, VP is expanding its distribution network with the ACT organization which consists of several offices in the US and a very strong technical support team. We are of course delighted that ACT's platform will make our products much more visible in the US market. On the other hand, by bringing VP on board, ACT strengthens its proposition in the systems integration market and can now offer A-brand lighting control solutions across the board, both for entertainment and fixed installations."

With ACT's technical team already trained on the new products, both teams are ready to launch the collaboration at Infocomm in Orlando in June.

"The more we got to know the Visual Productions team and their products, the more obvious it became that we had to find a way to bring their unique brand to our customers," says Ryan Hindinger, market manager, concert touring and live experiences, ACT Entertainment. "Visual Productions' products perfectly align with and match the quality of our other entertainment technologies -- a high bar in itself. Even more impressive, they've crafted a very straightforward set of products that have applications in nearly every single entertainment technology market sector."