WAM Theatre Presents Free Seminar on "Presenting Indigenous Theatre" with Amanda Nita Luke

October 15, 2021

Presenting Indigenous Theatre: A practical zoom seminar for theatre professionals Monday, Oct. 18, noon - 1:30 p.m. EST

Led by Indigenous stage manager Amanda Nita Luke

This seminar is free but you must register HERE to receive the zoom link. This seminar will NOT be recorded.

What does it take for an American Theater to decolonize their structure enough to produce a Native show?

Telling Native stories is a way to honor the people whose land you inhabit. Native Storytelling is the first kind of theater this land saw. In order to tell a Native story you need to hire the right people, understand the history and be ready to listen. Is your organization Native Theater ready? Come ready to discuss best practices, keep an open mind to new ways of approaching the work and bring questions!

Amanda Nita Luke is an Indigenous Stage Manager (Citizen of Choctaw Nation and a descendant of the Cherokee Nation) based in New York City. She recently wrote her Yale MFA thesis "Decolonizing Theater: An Anti-Racist approach to creating Native Theater at Non-Native Institutions" and she will share some of her findings with us. Amada's stage management credits include Arbeka at Native Voices, Manahatta at Yale Rep, Up and Down the River at Hartbeat Ensemble, Sense and Sensibility at The Old Globe, The Metromaniacs at Redbull Theatre, and Soledad and Ady with the American Indian Community House. She is currently stage managing WAM Theatre's production of Kamloopa: An Indigenous Matriarch Story.

This seminar is presented as part of WAM Theatre's Community Engagement programming in connection to the production of Kamloopa. Closed captioning will be provided.