Well Over 1,500 Buildings Light Up In Red Across The Country For #WeMakeEvents #RedAlert RESTART

September 1, 2020

Photo Credit: Tom Moffatt Waikiki Shell, Eggshell Lighting, photo by Brad Goda

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“Two weeks ago, we set a crazy goal,” admits We Make Events North America chair Marcel Fairbairn. “To light 1,500 locations in red to bring awareness to our industry’s cause, and to help all small businesses by pushing the RESTART Act. We have exceeded our expectations, and as of this morning, we’re officially over 1,500 reported, and my guess, that number is likely over 2500.”   
Numbers as of the morning of September 1, 2020 now exceed 1,600 buildings, iconic structures, and residences, as theatres, production houses, hotels, casinos, recording studios, opera houses, ballrooms, nightclubs, arenas, and individual homes continue to come on line.  
Venues stretch from coast-to-coast, from Madison Square Garden in New York City to the Rocky Statue in Philadelphia, Coit Tower in San Francisco, Mile High Stadium in Denver, Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, The National Cathedral in DC, The Kravis Center For The Performing Arts in West Palm Beach, Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Capital Records in Los Angeles, and the Tom Moffatt Waikiki Shell in Honolulu, to name just a handful. There are participating structures in over 75 cities in more than 40 states, Canada, and Trinidad & Tobago. View the current participation list.
Tonight as the iconic structures and buildings light up in red all across the country, follow the rollout on Facebook or YouTube beginning at 9 p.m. Eastern for Red Alert Live, a four-hour live stream, sharing interviews, discussions, video, and drone-eye views.
The goal of #RedAlert RESTART is to urge Congress to vote for the RESTART Act and to support the efforts of ExtendPUA.org by pushing for an extension and expansion of PUA benefits for 1099 and freelance workers, i.e. independent contractors; and an extension of the $600 FPUC as part of a comprehensive pandemic relief package.
Visit www.wemakeevents.org and write to Congress today.
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