WeMakeEvents North America Supports Global Efforts Calling For Political Action

September 22, 2020

On Sept. 1, 2020 WeMakeEvents North America produced #RedAlertRESTART, a coast-to-coast initiative in which over 2,000 performance venues, iconic structures, and residences were lit in red to urge Congress to vote for the RESTART Act and to extend and expand PUA and FPUC. This legislation is essential for the economic survival of millions of people and businesses in the live events sector.

The #RedAlertRESTART event took place on the heels of an August 11, 2020 activation in the UK, where over 700 building were lit in red to call the government’s attention to the plight of the live events industry there. Like in the US, first industry to close last March and the last to reopen as live events are not expected to be fully up and running for months to come.

Two more “Light It In Red” events, as shout outs about the plight of the live events industry worldwide, are scheduled this month:

• Tuesday, Sept. 22: LightUpLive: A Day Of Visibility For The Live Events Community. Buildings across Canada will be lit in red, starting an hour after sunset, raising awareness for an industry that is still dark and facing uncertainty.

• Wednesday, Sept. 30: WeMakeEvents in the UK is organizing a Day of Global Action to support the entertainment events around the world that have been devastated. Without major immediate support from national governments, the entire supply chain is at risk of collapse.

In the US, WeMakeEvents North America asks that you contact your local Congressional leaders to tell them what live events mean to you and ask them to pass a comprehensive relief bill NOW that includes the RESTART Act and an extension and expansion of PUA and FPUC.

“In the US we remain hyper-focused on pushing our political leaders to act now. Our immediate efforts are centered around generating as much outreach as possible to congressional leaders asking for change. We are approaching critical dates of September 23, the likely deadline to impact legislative change by way of adjusting verbiage on an impending bill, and September 25 being the likely deadline at which Congress will drop said bill. Please help us with this push by reaching out to your local political leaders and remind them of the urgent need for a comprehensive relief bill that includes RESTART and an extension and expansion of PUA and FPUC,” says Brad Nelms, co-director of WeMakeEvents North America.

“Outside of our legislative focus, we recognize that this is a global problem that knows no geographical bounds.  The impact of this crosses international borders economically, socially, and personally,” adds Nelms. “We will be leveraging our networks and outreach capabilities to show support for our global brothers and sisters any way that we can.”

Congress is expected to vote on the next economic stimulus package by the end of the month, so it is important to write now. An easy-to-use tool can be found on the website at www.WeMakeEvents.org.