Wenger Corporation Introduces New J.R. Clancy PowerLift and PowerLite Hoists

August 13, 2021

Wenger Corporation announces the new J.R. Clancy PowerLift Hoist with significantly more capability, and the PowerLite hoist, a cost-effective solution with robust flexibility and options.

“Our engineering team did it again by creating two hoists that allow us to better serve the needs of theatres and performing arts centers of all sizes,” said Patrick Finn, Wenger Corporation Performing Arts Product Manager. “We built on our proven hoist capabilities to allow more venues to take advantage of the safety and convenience of motorized rigging.”

PowerLift Hoist – Rendering created by JMC from engineering files. March 2021.
PowerLift Hoist – Rendering created by JMC from engineering files. March 2021.


The new PowerLift design begins with the same reliable platform and now offers more capability. With significantly increased capacities, improved load sensing design, and optional continuous beam to mitigate horizontal forces, PowerLift provides more options than ever.

One of the most important features a hoist can offer is repeatability. PowerLift’s single layer cable drum enables stored locations to be accurately repeated, preventing scenery from hitting the stage floor and light leaks below drapery.

With capacities of up to 2,500 lb, PowerLift can now be used for heavier shell ceiling and electric sets. The new variable speed PowerLift models allow for larger scenery sets and main curtains to be motorized.

Key Features

The key features of the PowerLift include the option of having up to 49 feet of travel with eight lines, and up to a 62 feet of travel with seven lines. As always, safety is paramount, so the PowerLift comes with load sensing standard, redundant braking system and is ANSI E1.6 compliant. The PowerLift operates quietly, and can be mounted from underneath roof steel, vertically on the offstage wall, or upright on a grid.


The new PowerLite hoist is an economical entry into motorized rigging. Load sensing and a redundant braking system are standard, making PowerLite a safe and secure solution. The optional continuous beam to mitigate horizontal forces enables installations in facilities with light weight roof steel.

Repeatability is built into this hoist using the same single layer cable drum system as the PowerLift. The PowerLite comes with both fixed and variable speed options.

Key Features

PowerLite has up to 49 feet of travel with eight lines, operates quietly, and offers either underhung or vertical installation options.

Coming Up Next

“Wenger Corporation and J.R. Clancy have a rich history of innovation,” said Rakhi Malik, Vice President of Marketing and Product Development. “We strive to understand the needs of our customers and provide solutions that can deliver enhanced performance, safety and value. The PowerLift and PowerLite hoists are the first of several J.R. Clancy products to launch in 2021. Next up is our expanded line of Vantis Motion Control Systems that will provide the industry with enhanced options for motorized rigging control.”

For more information, please visit jrclancy.com.