Why Should You Book a Booth at USITT25?

June 12, 2024

Your Booth is Waiting for You at USITT25 in Columbus 
Education March 5-8 | Stage Expo March 6-8

USITT’s Annual Conference & Stage Expo is one of the largest gatherings of live entertainment professionals in the country. More than 5,000 designers and technicians ranging from students to professionals flock to our Conference each year to experience the live entertainment industry’s newest products, industry innovations, job prospects, connections, and community. Having a booth on our Expo floor means you’re in the heart of the action rubbing elbows with potential clients, future employees, and the next generation of live entertainment. USITT’s show floor is more than an Expo — it’s an experience.

Explore our USITT25 floorplan and find your place on our Expo floor. Learn more about our 2025 show, here.



Give Your Buyers an Immersive Experience

Your booth is THE place for interaction and hands-on experiences! Your presence on our show floor allows attendees to get up close and personal with your products — an impossible feat behind a screen. Display your new technology, talk about your products face-to-face, showcase your offerings, and get to know your end users on a deeper level.

“In the live entertainment industry, I often have to make purchases online without ever seeing the product. USITT lets me see, touch, and interact with tools and products in a way I rarely get to day-to-day. Seeing those products firsthand is my favorite part of the Conference.”

-Elliot Carnell, Technical Director

several attendees check out a lightboard on the Expo Floor


Networking at Every Turn 

Are you on the hunt for incredible talent to join your team? Our endless networking opportunities take shape in the form of intimate booth conversations, all-attendee events, and our SmartMatch technology system, available exclusively for our exhibitors. SmartMatch technology does the resume sifting for you and pairs you with the best candidates for the job, taking the pressure off your search. Host interviews right in your booth so you never miss a second of the action. Track down the perfect employee and advertise any job openings to the best in the biz!

“USITT has been a show that we’ve exhibited at for a long time. We enjoy coming here and we get to meet a whole bunch of people who we don’t normally see at other trade shows. In particular, we establish a lot of new relationships with people who are new coming into the industry, and then we get to see them as they progress through their course. It's about meeting new people and establishing new relationships. For us, USITT is unique in being able to provide that as an exhibitor.”

-Mark Ravenhill, German Light Products

An Exhibitor showcases products to two attendees


Put Your Products Center Stage

USITT offers exhibitors several benefits beyond the Expo floor, including the opportunity to showcase your new and innovative products as part of our Opening Night Celebration! A representative from your company has the opportunity to step onstage in front of thousands of attendees to talk about your latest innovations, showcase your products or programs, and invite eager attendees to your booth to get a tactile experience with your tech!

“Figure 53 deeply believes in supporting our products. To us, good service and support is worth more than all the marketing in the world. USITT gives us the opportunity to engage directly with the folks who use our products, face-to-face, and have the kind of connection that can only be made in person.”

- Sam Kusnetz, Figure 53

A Product is Showcased on the Opening Night Stage


Come to the Dark Side

Our one-of-a-kind Dark Zone is coveted amongst our lighting, projections, and digital media exhibitors. We’ve created a space just for you to show off your products the way they’re meant to be seen — in the dark! Host light shows, let potential buyers get a real-life feel of how your products will look in their venue, and show off your technology’s best features without the overhead lighting of your typical Expo floor. Our Dark Zone is a hub of lighting and projection fanatics. If you’re in the illumination space, you need to be here.


An Exhibitor leads an attendee in a hands-on experience with a spotlight


Increase Your Support and Gain Exposure

Exposure for your company doesn’t stop at the doors of our Expo Floor. Conference sponsors and advertisers can see their branding throughout our show on USITT25 signage, web pages, promotional emails, and more! Purchase advertising space in our weekly newsletter, The Current, our quarterly print journal, Theatre Design & Technology (TD&T), or explore our 2025 prospectus and pick the perfect sponsorship package for your company. The opportunities are endless both on and off the Expo floor!

Sines at USITT24 displaying sponsor logos


Reach the Next Generation of Industry Experts

With more than a quarter of our attendee base being students, it’s impossible not to get in front of the future buyers and users of your products and programs. Universities trust USITT to be the voice of the industry and continue to send thousands of students to our show year after year to introduce them to the professional world. Get your company in front of the next generation of industry experts by building relationships with students before they even walk across the graduation stage! When they interact with you on our Expo floor now, you’ll be at the top of their list when they’re running the show in the next few years!

“We have a lot of customers and friends that we’ve made over the years here. It’s always fun to be here with the students, too. They bring an energy and an enthusiasm for our product. We get handfuls of students every year that come up to us saying, ‘Oh, we need this! I really wish we had this,’ and that helps us as vendors and exhibitors because we want to produce a great product that people want to use.” 

-Sam Anderson, EmptySpace

An Exhibitor leads an attendee in a hands-on experience with a spotlight


Lights, Camera, Get in On the Action!

We love showing off our exhibitors! By exhibiting at USITT you have the opportunity to participate in our exhibitor video series. The best part? You don’t have to leave your booth! We’ll come right to you and give you the royal treatment by hosting a video interview with you about your company. This is a great way to increase your visibility and even film a product demo! These videos are shared widely on our social media channels, future Conference websites, and more. Watch us work our magic below with both new and returning exhibitors.


It’s Not Just an Expo — It’s an Experience

Our Expo floor is THE place to be in the world of live entertainment. From product interaction and in-depth conversations with end users to exhibitor-led education and interactive presentations on our Expo stage, attendees come year after year to take it all in, experience the newest in product and industry innovation, and fully immerse themselves in the Power of Live Entertainment. Be part of the experience and book your booth today!