Wingspace Relief Fund

April 14, 2020

Logo provided by Wingspace

This fund, a project of Wingspace Theatrical Design and fiscally sponsored by Notch Theatre Company, has been launched to provide unrestricted rapid relief grants to NYC-based freelance designers experiencing acute financial strain related to COVID-19.  

If you are an NYC-based freelance theater designer who is not institutionally affiliated and do not have ready access to unemployment insurance, benefits or a financial safety net, this fund is for you. The application is currently at capacity but please click this link to be added to the waitlist while they continue to fundraise to meet the needs of the NYC freelance designer community.

Through the generosity of a  donor who is a fervent supporter of New York theater companies and independent artists, they are launching this fund with a $15,000 donation. Wingspace would like to be able to support the design community by raising enough money to meet this donation and beyond and to continue to provide microgrants to freelance designers who self-identify as experiencing acute financial stress due to loss of work from COVID-19.

The fund will give out microgrants of $100 to $500, based on the number of people who apply. When capacity is reached, they will begin a waiting list and will continue to fundraise to attempt to meet the needs of the NYC freelance designer community.  

Depending on funding levels and amount of requests, priority may given to designers from communities that have been historically and systemically economically disadvantaged in New York City:  Black, Indigenous, People of Color, trans and non-binary, individuals over 60, low-income, individuals with disabilities and others who may be disproportionately impacted - but they will try to help as many freelance designers with need until funds run out.

How Funds will get to designers: Funds will be sent to the mailing address provided. Wingspace has partnered with Notch Theatre Company  to send out payments in a timely and organized matter and to serve as an accountability and oversight partner. Notch is a 501c3 organization  and if you are interested in making a larger, tax-deductible donation to our fund, please use this link to donate directly to Notch. There is no processing fee to donate through Notch's portal. You can also mail a check to Notch at 226 E 27th St. Ste 5A, New York, NY 10016. Checks can be made out to “Notch Theatre Company" with “ Designer Relief Fund" in the memo.  

Please click here to apply.

Please click here to donate.

Thank you for contributing to the fund and to ensuring the continued health and vibrancy of theatre designers. Our village is strong-let’s make sure we take care of the most vulnerable among us!