World Stage Design 2021 Postponed to 2022

July 15, 2020

Due to circumstances facing the world from Covid-19, World Stage Design (WSD2021) will be postponed to August 6-16, 2022. While we know this brings disappointment, we also hope that many more people will be able to join us a year later than could have in 2021.
There will be events online in the next year that will bring us together around WSD as precursor events and we look forward to seeing our many colleagues and friends on screen. We remain committed to Indigenous Ways of Knowing, Ecoscenography, and Multiple Realities.
The new deadline for Scenofest proposals is June 1, 2021. New deadlines for the WSD competition, Theatre Architecture Competition (TAC), Technical Invention Prize (TIP) will be created and opportunities for new calls to participate will be made in the coming months. Please bear with us as we consider the details. All of our venues and locations have been reserved for August 2022 and we are pleased to say CITT/ICTS will host its annual conference and trade show, Rendez-vous 2022, in Calgary.

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