Past Presidents of USITT

In accordance with the current USITT Bylaws, Article V, the President of the Institute serves a three-year term, preceded by a one-year term as President-Elect and followed by a one-year term as Immediate Past President. The current President's term ends June 30, 2024.

Dan Culhane, 2018-21

Mark Shanda, 2015-18

Lea Asbell-Swanger, 2012-15

Joe Aldridge, 2010-12

Carl Lefko, 2008-10

Sylvia Hillyard Pannell, 2006-08

John S. Uthoff, 2004-06

Bruce Brockman, 2002-04

William J. Byrnes, 2000-02

Leon I. Brauner, 1998-00

Christine L. Kaiser, 1996-98

Richard W. Durst, 1994-96

Sarah Nash Gates, 1992-94

Donald C. Shulman, 1990-92

Richard M. Devin, 1988-90

David Hale Hand, 1986-88

James R. Earle, Jr., 1984-86

Ronald C. Olson, 1982-84

Leland H. Watson, 1980-82

Charles E. Williams, 1977-80

Edward F. Kook, 1975-77

Richard L. Arnold, 1973-75

Ned A. Bowman, 1972-73

Walter H. Walters, 1971-72

C. Ray Smith, 1968-71

Donald H. Swinney, 1965-68

Joel E. Rubin, 1963-65

Thomas DeGaetani, 1961-63

denotes deceased

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updated 02-01-2024