Speaker Service Center for Conference OPEN

If you are speaking for conference, make sure you have received an "eBlast" to your service center. This is where speakers should register for conference, submit bio and headshot, and edit session details. Please click here to see the Speaker Service Center, and if you have not received an eBlast please reach out. 


This guide includes steps to assist those presenting at the USITT Conference.


USITT Conference Programming Topics:

  1. eshow eBlast Communications
  2. Speaker Service Center
  3. Checklist Items
  4. Speaker Registration
  5. Housing

eShow eBlast Communications

If you are speaking, you should be receiving an eBlast from the Conference LMS (eShow). Check your junk mail if you have not received it. The eBlast is an automated email from eShow. When your session has been accepted, and when you have been added as a speaker, you will receive this eBlast with instructions on how to sign in. 

This blast will provide you with your username and password, as shown below. Please follow the link and log in: 


The log in page should look like the following screenshot. The new Conference site utilizes top drop down navigation (last year it was left hand, but should work the same way):


Speaker Service Center

When you have logged in to the Speaker Service Center, the first page you should see is the Speaker Agreement. Your first task will be to sign/date and then accept your agreement. 



Checklist Items

Utilizing the drop down menu under Education to navigate, click on the Speaker Checklist page. The checklist provides links that allow you to navigate the different pages you need to access as well. If you "click here", you can navigate to the page that will allow you to complete your item. If you click on the name of the item, you can check that it has been completed:

Speaker Registration

Speakers MUST register through the service center. Please click on Speaker Registration to see the registration types and guidelines: 

Click Here for Speaker Registration information (must be logged in to view)

You may update your personal details at any time. Speakers are eligible for conference tickets at a reduced rate. We will not reimburse conference tickets once they are purchased, so be sure to register through this service center when your register to get the $275 rate.  


Click here to book housing (choose "attendee" or "exhibitor")


Glossary of Terms

Abstract – Call for Proposals - The conference proposal is a stand-alone document—independent from written paper or presentation—that proposes a presentation for a conference. The primary audience for a conference proposal is the review committee or conference organizer. The secondary audience is conference attendees.

Attendee Service Center – A module for registrants to review Conference details and maintain personal areas of interest by adding contact info or building their own session attendance calendar.

eSHOW – USITT’s web-based Conference Management platform

eBlast - The eBlast is an automated email from eShow. When your session has been accepted, and when you have been added as a speaker, you will receive this eBlast with instructions on how to sign in. 

Exhibitor Service Center – A module in eSHOW that allows for Exhibitors to review, update, and maintain their Conference details.

Session Manager – (Virtual only) An individual assigned as technical support to a virtual session or event. Session monitor.

Speaker Service Center – eSHOW portal for all speakers contributing to Conference Programming. The center will be for all required and secondary information to be included in the Conference Program.

Speaker Agreement – A required and signed statement from USITT regarding legalize between a speaker and the organization.