Publications Committee

The Publications Committee serves in an advisory capacity on matters dealing with the development of publications that reflect the Institute’s core mission.

Committee Members:

  • Rafael Jaen, Chair
  • Ashley Bellet
  • Carolyn Satter, USITT President
  • Dan Culhane
  • Jessica Hansen
  • Margaret Mitchell
  • Mark Shanda
  • Mike Monsos
  • Peggy Rosefeldt
  • Richard Bryant
  • Tina Shackleford


  • TD&T Editor (Eileen Curley)
  • USITT Engagement Director (Mark Blackmon)
  • USITT Assoc. Director of Engagement (Lizz Allers)
  • USITT Executive Director (Lea Asbell-Swanger [Interim])
  • USITT Director of Sales & Events (Jody Harris)

updated 08-24-2022