Eligibility and Criteria

USITT proudly announces the new 2021-22 PURPOSE Grants program, offering research grant funding of up to $10,000 per recipient, supporting individual and group investigations into current industry restart efforts including changed production operations, increased sustainability of physical resources, and/or improved working conditions for all involved artists and technicians.  Grants will be awarded based on the following criteria:


  • Applicants must be current USITT members.


  1. Project Summary/Abstract (Limit 400 words)
    Provide a clear and concise statement of the research challenge to be addressed; basic overview of the proposed methodology, identified link to USITT’s Core Values, and projected timeline.
  2. Background and Context (Limit 1000 words)
    Describe the relation of the proposed project to the present state of the entertainment industry and speak to your capacity to address these concerns. This section should make it clear how the proposed project incorporates and advances USITT’s Core Values.
  3. Methods/Procedures/Materials (Limit 1000 words)
    Describe in clear and understandable terms the general plan of work, as it will be undertaken to achieve the stated objectives.
  4. Timeline (Limit two pages)
    Provide an outline of the activities to be carried out during the duration of the proposed project.
  5. Itemized budget and Justification (Preferred Excel spreadsheet)
    Provide a complete “sources and uses” budget including all anticipated expenditures involved in the project. List all known and anticipated funding sources. Use appropriate notes to clarify each budget item. Please note that proposals could be awarded partial funding.
  6. Outcome (Limit 1000 words)
    Describe the anticipated final “product” of the proposed project and a dissemination plan on how to share the information with USITT’s membership and the rest of the entertainment industry. 



  • Timely nature of the investigation
  • Potential impact and significance 
  • Demonstrate alignment with USITT’s Core Values
  • Application and transferability 
  • Creativity in approach and potential result

Funds Can Be Used For:

  • Educational program expenses 
  • Compensating expertise
  • Surveys
  • Modified production costs

Funds Cannot Be Used For:

  • Travel, registration and per diem expenses
  • Indirect costs
  • Publication underwriting or rights use fees
  • One-time fundraising events, fundraising campaigns, lobbying
  • Membership fees
  • Usual and customary production expenses and salaries


  • USITT shall not maintain any intellectual property rights related to the research.  
  • Any resultant research findings shall include the USITT service mark and the following notice: This ______________ was made possible in part by funding from a USITT PURPOSE Grant.