USITT 2020 Annual Conference & Stage Expo Refund Update

May 29, 2020

All refunds are complete. If you believe you responded to our email(s) and that you requested a refund that you did not receive, click HERE

April 8, 2020

Here is an update for those individuals who requested refunds of your 2020 Conference registration.

For those who registered AFTER December 15, 2019 ONLY: 

Our registration vendor, Convention Data Services (CDS) will begin refunding credit card purchases on April 13th. This is a long process and it may take longer than any of us want. Neither CDS or USITT can estimate how long this will take as we are inventing these processes while doing them.

If you paid with a credit card, your refund will come as a credit to the card that you used to purchase your registration.

If you paid for a group, your refund MAY come in a series of credits – one per registrant. Some groups MAY receive one credit for the entire group. Please check your credit card statement to ensure you've received the proper credit.

For those who registered between October 14th and December 15th, 2019 ONLY:

Due to the policies of credit card payment gateway, we are unable to credit any card for ANY transaction after 120 days. This is an industry-wide standard, as almost every processor purges credit card data associated with a transaction after 120 days.

Please be patient. We will have to issue refunds for those who registered from October 14th to December 15th manually. You will receive a check in the mail instead of a credit. This is an extremely time-intensive process, which will overload the Institute’s small accounting staff. Refunds will be made in batches and may take several months.

Unfortunately, this is the only way we are able to return your registration to you.

If you or your organization paid with a check at any time, your refund will be in the form of a check.

For at least the next 60 days, we will be unable to pinpoint the status of any individual refund. Please know that we are moving forward as fast as possible. 

Thank you for your continued dedication to our industry and USITT.


For clarity, "registration" or "Conference registration" includes: payment for the Full Conference, two-day or single day Conference admission, Stage Expo Only Pass, Professional Development Workshop tuition, Console Demo registration, Design Expo fees, tour fees, or any other tuition or fee paid to USITT for an event scheduled to be held in Houston, TX as a part of USITT2020. It does not include Stage Expo booth rental or and fees associated with exhibiting at Stage Expo 2020. Inquiries regarding Stage Expo-related items should be directed to Cody Hann. New World Rigging Symposium fees and associated USITT Conference & Stage Expo registration fees have already been returned. No part of USITT annual membership dues paid at registration or at any other time is refundable.