Rigging Safety Initiative Contractor Requirements

Eligibility and Criteria
Submission deadline: November 15, 2019

USITT has developed a Rigging Safety Initiative with a gift from Founding Sponsor J.R. Clancy. The program will provide free or reduced cost rigging inspections to public and private school corporations. Schools can apply for a grant to receive a rigging inspection from an approved rigging contractor.

USITT is seeking established rigging contractors to join in this worthy program by providing inspection services. Approved contractors would agree to the following:

  1. Contractor must already provide rigging inspection, repair, and maintenance services. USITT wants to match schools with experienced, knowledgeable riggers in their area.
  2. Inspections must be completed by an ETCP Certified Rigger – Theatre. A copy of the ETCP certification must be on file at the USITT office before the contractor’s name will be added to the approved list.
  3. Contractor must become or remain a USITT member. Contractor must either be a Supporting, Sustaining, or Contributing Member or have at least three (3) of its employees be Individual Members. Each independently owned office of a firm must be listed separately.
  4. Contractor must agree to the established inspection fee ahead of time based on completed application and support documents from educational facility. There is a standard fee paid to all contractors.
  5. Contractors agree to provide the inspection for the grant amount. If the inspection cost if above the amount, the contractor donates the amount above the grant. Travel costs and equipment rentals are the responsibility of the school.
  6. Rigging contractor agrees to supply two inspection reports of the facility to the parties listed on the application.
  7. Contractor agrees that payment will be made after the inspection, training is complete and invoice is submitted to USITT.
  8. Contractor agrees that in addition to the inspection, they will provide a 4‐ hour safety training course for up to 8 staff and students at the school.
  9. Monetary contribution to the fund IS NOT a requirement for approval to provide inspections.


For information on supporting this or other USITT initiatives, please contact the USITT National Office at 315‐463‐6463.