USITT Scene Design & Technology Commission

The Scene Design & Technology Commission furthers interest in the areas of scene design, scenic painting, and properties: provides information about innovations and trends within the field, encourages improvements in the teaching of design.

Commission Leadership:

Commissioner                                                 Casey Kearns

Associate Commissioner

VC of Programming

VC for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion           Anita Tripathi

VC for Education                                             Jesse Dreikosen

International Liaison                                       Rob Eastman Mullins

VC for Safety and Health

VC for New Technologies                               Nick Embree

VC for Scenic Design  

VC for Scenic Art        

VC for Props                                                    Karin Rabe

VC for Early Career/Students

VC for History and Heritage                            Wendy Waszutt-Barrett

Coordinator for Portfolio Review, Early Career Mentor        Michelle Bisbee

Coordinator for Portfolio Review, Early Career Mentor        Mary Wayne-Thomas

Publications Liaison for TD&T                         Anita Tripathi


updated 09-20-2021


Among other projects, the Commission honors distinguished scenic designers with awards and sessions about their designs during the Annual Conference & Stage Expo. Some of those honored are Ralph Funicello, Karl Eigsti, and Richard L. Hay.