Stage Expo Exhibitors Committee

Stage Expo exhibitors are represented by this committee. It provides a forum where exhibitors can communicate with the Board of Directors, Commissions, and other committees.

Committee Members:

  • Dave Durbin, BMI Supply, Chair
  • Richard Dunham, University of Georgia
  • Gary Fails, City Theatrical
  • Yvonne Ho, Point Source Audio
  • Tobin Neis, Barbizon Lighting
  • Ros Madison, Royal Conservatorie of Scotland
  • Fred Mikeska, AC Lighting
  • Dirk Ring, Walt Disney Parks Entertainment
  • Hilary Sprecht, Period Corsets
  • Patti Tuttrup, ETC
  • Stacey Walker, Focal Press


  • USITT VP Conferences
  • USITT Executive Director
  • USITT Sales Manager