Student Ambassadors

Nominations accepted through January 21

Eligiblity & Criteria

Entry requirements

  • Students can be nominated by an instructor/mentor, or may self-nominate. 
  • If accepted into the program, students must be or become a USITT Student Member.
  • Student Ambassadors must agree to be on-site at USITT Baltimore no later than 8am on Thursday March 3, 2022 and departing no earlier than  12 noon on Saturday March 5, 2022.


  • Please be prepared to supply the following information
    •    Your email and cell phone contact information
    •    Tell us why you are seeking this opportunity
    •    Tell us which International Guest you would like to meet at this conference
    •    Please tell us how your studies would be enriched by this opportunity
    •    Please give us at least three example questions you would have for your guest
    •    Please include a Resume/Work Summary.
    •    If you are USITT member please supply your membership number
    •    If you are not yet a USITT member please check here and agree to become one and submit your member information by February 1, 2022.
    •    Please provide representative examples of your current work: photographs, drawings renderings or sketches.

Conference Registration

If accepted into Student Ambassadors, you will receive a complimentary Full Conference registration.  If you have already registered, your registration fee will be refunded.