Who are the Fellows and What Do They Do for USITT?

The Fellows have achieved that rank through many years of exceptional participation in various aspects of USITT and the entertainment business.

There are many Fellows who are actively employed practitioners buying, selling, teaching, designing, manufacturing, and managing many enterprises in and about the entertainment industry.

There are some Fellows who are “retired.” That really means they are even more active than when they were "gainfully employed."

To USITT, the Fellows are members who are leaders in their craft or field and are an indispensable resource in continuing the work of the Institute.

fellowsWhat do the Fellows do for USITT?

Fellows work together as peers to support the Institute in its advancement, fundraising, and outreach efforts. Fellows are agents of change and ambassadors for USITT and the Industry at large.

Their mission is:

  • To lead by example in professionalism, ethics, advancement, fundraising, and communication.
  • To promote Fellows outreach and proactive work within and on behalf of the Institute.
  • To act as ambassadors without portfolio on behalf of the Institute in both the non-profit and commercial sectors of our industry.
  • To provide Institutional memory for the organization and the industry.
  • To provide wise advice and counsel for emerging and current leadership.
  • To promote communication, openness, and transparency among Fellows, USITT members, and Institute Leadership in all of the Institute’s proceedings.
  • To be agents of change on behalf of the best interests of USITT.
  • To promote best practices of USITT as a membership-based organization within contemporary society.
  • To identify achievement within the organization and profession and to reward excellent achievement with admission to the Fellows.