Student Ambassador Program

Application Deadline: January 31, 2020

The Student Ambassador Program is a unique opportunity for students to engage in conversation with renowned international designers and technicians attending the annual conference. Three student members will each be paired with one of the three visiting international guests with similar areas of focus. The interchange is designed to foster international networking between early designer/technicians and our global colleagues. Student members will be chosen for this honor in Houston based on their fields of study, compelling application, and letter of nomination/ recommendation from a mentor. Student Ambassadors will receive free conference registration and a luncheon with the three international guests. 

Jerildy Bosch began as a dancer/actress in Mexico. After founding her own company, she started designing costumes for shows she directed, and now designs for their National Theatre Company, National Opera Company, and National Dance Company. Her design vocabulary is focused on making sensations grow from texture, which has fired her passion for searching for new materials and exploring new techniques. She received a Gold Medal for her costume designs in PQ2019.

Josefina Cerda Puga is a sound art designer from Chile, where she works at the Universidad de Chile. She is exploring new relationships between scenery and spectator, which produce a sound revolution that aesthetically and politically transforms the experience of the scene, incorporating sound as a formal axis of creation, reaching beyond technical elements.

Natalia Sedano of Mexico was honored as the most promising student of the PQ 2019. She is a recent graduate of the National School of Theatre Arts of Mexico, having trained in scenic, costume, lighting, and production design. The jury admired her unique vision where, “forests become fabrics, fabrics become landscapes: Nature becomes somehow un-natural…(with) huge vegetables exploded on impact, rooted humans with bare feet.” Theatre design in Mexico has frequently been recognized by PQ and WSD juries, and this is your opportunity to find out about how designers there are trained to expand their theatrical vision.