2020 Costume Design & Technology Summit

Costumes in the Time of COVID: A Series of Conversations About Costume Education

This is a three-day conference, however, each day may be attended as an individual event. To that end, the topics are broken down by day. The conference will take place on Zoom, with breakout rooms throughout the day. We will also come together to conclude the event and create a resource of ideas and information for you to review and have at the conclusion of the summit. We encourage students at every level to participate and interact with educators so that everyone can exchange ideas and create a better learning environment for all.

Price: FREE for USITT members; $20 each day for non-members

Day 1: Terms, Tools, and Resources

July 14: 1-4 p.m. EDT

On Day 1, discussions will begin by clarifying some of the terms being used to talk about on-line, in-person and hybrid teaching situations. Learning Management Systems and Studio Systems will be demystified with breakout groups helping create tips and resources for those systems. Online resources and databases and options for material will be exchanged. Finally, we will share some ideas and tricks for equipment that may aid in your class preparation and delivery.

Day 2: Pedagogy & Class Preparation

July 15: 1-4 p.m. EDT

On Day 2, conversations will revolve around the effect of Covid-19 on costume teaching pedagogies. Breakout discussions will include specific conversations about differing degree expectations and concerns. Additionally, discussions will cover ways to re-imagine the implementation of your class learning objectives without sacrifice, and how information in your class paperwork can assist students in understanding class expectations (especially for those new to online and hybrid learning styles).

Day 3: Specific class discussion and discourse; Wrap-up and sharing

July 16: 1-5 p.m. EDT

Day 3 is a special 4-hour session. It will begin with specific class discussions in breakout rooms. Three one-hour conversations will cover projects, tips and tricks, supplies, resources, and adaptation to different learning scenarios for specific classes including Rendering, Hair & Makeup, and other Costume Design & Technology specific programs. Notes and ideas from these sessions will then be combined into resource documents for participants. The final hour will be a time to wrap up the topics discussed, share any more comments and thoughts, and have a moment to reconnect as we all begin planning for the fall semester.

Presenters and moderators

Jenny Kenyon

  • A USITT Costume Design & Technology Commissioner and a Director at Large for USITT. She is a freelance costume & scenic designer, scenic painter, and forensic artist. She is an online instructor at Penn State University.

Jennifer Adams

Jana Funderburk