The Masterclasses honor the memory of one of our industry's great advocates for Rigging Safety.

Taught annually beginning in 2016, these masterclasses now have three tracks of learning, advanced, intermediate, and entry level.

  • Advanced track will be taught for ETCP renewal credit and include training on the latest innovations in rigging as well as advanced safety such as life rescue and other topics.
  • Intermediate track is for those familiar with rigging basics and the safe operation of a counterweight system or those who have taken the Entry Level course and seek to advance their skills.
  • Entry track is geared towards students and educators and includes both counterweight and automated rigging safety and operations.

These classes are offered through the support of donors and corporate sponsors. Through their generous giving these courses are offered at reasonable rates. Proceeds support the education offered by USITT including the Rigging Safety Initiative.

If you would like to help sponsor Jay O. Glerum classes, please contact the National Office.

For more information, please contact Karen Greenfield, education and training department coordinator. 

Email Karen

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