Sherry Wagner-Henry Board Fellowship

Applications for Board Fellowship 2022 will close October 14, 2021


In 2014, USITT’s Secretary, Sherry Wagner-Henry, conceived and launched the USITT Board Mentorship Program. With feedback from former participants, and renamed in her honor, the program has refocused to become a flexible, 12-18-month long Fellowship with particular emphasis on finding the future leaders of USITT and investing in their growth. This opportunity serves as a bridge to connect emerging professionals with current leaders in the theatre and entertainment industry, as well as an opportunity to learn new skills that will help the Fellow develop valuable expertise on their journey to nonprofit leadership. This opportunity is best suited for members with 2-5 years of professional experience but could be a valuable addition to graduate level study for the right individual. This Fellowship will provide an open door to the Executive Director and board members of USITT, as well as, positions on Committees and a greater understanding of nonprofit governance structures.