Assistant Head of Wardrobe

Job #6414

Job Type Full Time
Location Seattle, Washington
Field Costume Design and Technology
Post Date May 6, 2024
Salary $41.89

The Lead Dresser, is primarily responsible for the organization, presetting, and assisting with changes of assigned actor tracks. Should a show require more than two day-work/maintenance people, they will be the first person called for maintenance and day work. They are to be an exemplar example of how backstage dressers work and interact with actors and be able to share their knowledge with newer dressers.


Qualifications include a theatre degree or 2-3 years wardrobe experience, expertise in show tracking, maintenance, wardrobe management, maintenance, stain removal, shoe repair, laundry, etc. Quick change choreography, operating home and industrial sewing machines, basic repairs and sewing techniques. Prior union run crew experience preferred. Strong problem-solving, adaptability, collaboration, and professionalism required, with adherence to safety and confidentiality.